Tuesday, June 3, 2008

About Hawaii Book Blog

Books have the power to enrich and inspire people and give them a greater understanding of culture and society. The power to simultaneously educate and entertain. The world’s books are as diverse as the people who read and author them and Hawaii’s own literary landscape is scattered with snippets of the various cultures that inhabit its islands. Mark Twain, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jack London—these are well known names in literature, but they are also important to Hawaii’s unique literary history. These great and well-known authors had much to say about our islands and there are many more authors like them to be found still.

Reviews, academic criticism and book list compilations are springing up all over the internet. Books have caught up with technology and harnessed its power with staggering results. Literary sites and communities are thriving because people are excited and passionate about reading and sharing their ideas but Hawaii literature has a small presence on the web and this blog was created in response to that.

The main purpose of this blog is to provide people with a comprehensive platform to learn and discuss books about Hawaii, books by local authors, or books published by local companies. Hawaii books are multi-cultural and multi-generational with universal conflicts and themes, we hope to:

· Provide useful criticism and reviews both personal and academic.

· Examine how Hawaii literature shapes ideas and image.

· Explore the history of Hawaii, how the islands and its various cultures are portrayed in literature, and how these things are received by people.

· Entertain and showcase our island quirks, humor, unique perspectives and interesting characters.

· Promote local literature to a mainstream audience and help others experience the culture of our islands through its books.

· Encourage literacy and reading in the islands.

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